Monday, February 26, 2007

I Sorry

I love the stage of life Googie is at right now. She's learning new things everyday. It is just so fun to watch, and try to figure out where she picks these things up! Today it was "I sorry"

She's just started to say she's sorry. For everything! I'll say "Googie, that's not nice, we don't throw toys at sister." To which she replies "Oh I sorry sissy, sorry."

She'll drop her Dora doll on the floor, then pick her up and say "I sorry dory, sorry."

I think that she's figured out that if she just says sorry right away she doesn't get in as much trouble. Googie will be sitting down playing with her sister when Dot will start to cry. Immediately Googie will say "I sorry sissy, Sorry!" and give her a kiss. While in my book that doesn't make it okay for Googie to hit her sister with a toy, the fact that she is apologizing about it without me reminding her too is just so cute, it's hard for me to punish her.

I was talking to my mom last night and she asked me if I thought she truly meant it when she said she was sorry. And while I'm not really sure about that, I know she doesn't do the same thing again. So whether she understands sorry, or is just saying it because she knows she won't get in as much trouble, it accomplishes the same goal. She's apologized, and she doesn't do it again . . . at least not for another hour or two.

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Lammy said...

This has always been one of the things people debate... whether or not a little child feels remorse when they say sorry.
My feelings are that we are training them to understand that injury to another person either by accident or on purpose should be addressed.
Saying sorry isn't just so that the person can express sorrow for what they did, but more importantly, to make the other person feel better.
Feeling sorrow comes in time... and being in the habit of saying it makes it easier to say it when you mean it, rather than just clamming up and feeling stupid.
I think it's precious when a child is just learning when it's appropriate to say it. :)